Hi! I’m Still Here!

September 18th, 2011 by under The Busy Life. No Comments.

Yeah, I do this from time to time. Don’t I? I get on a real roll and I update regularly with tons of stuff, then I fall off the face of the cyber-planet and go into a writing hiatus. It goes with the flow of life I suppose. Things get busy and I hit these funks where I’m easily distracted by a million little projects (or more often than not, I just simply don’t get to writing).

I was focusing 100% on the novel for a while. I was doing pencil drawings again. I was listening to music daily. I was coming up with artistic projects around the house. I was pulling my camera out almost every chance I got. Then I hit a brick wall and everything came to a stand still as far as the artsy-fartsy side of Momma Hen goes.

Meanwhile, I went from keeping everything in order around the Hen house to uber… not.

I was cooking every day (almost), then I wasn’t.

I was clipping my coupons every Sunday evening and organizing and filing, and prepping trips with micro detailing… then I wasn’t.

I was going to bed before midnight, sometimes before 11pm… then I wasn’t.

In other words, my writing was far from the only thing I was neglecting. But as is my habit, somewhat unpredictable, but a habit nonetheless, I’ve starting going to bed earlier, keeping up with the housework, couponing, and I’m even getting a bit of my artsy-fartsy groove back on.

Moreso, I’m getting my mind in gear to head back to college in the spring for what feels like my 20th attempt at completion (while I realize it’s really only the 4th time I’ve gone back). I truly believe there’s a reason I keep taking breaks aside from what may appear to others as a fickle quality. I’ve decided to change my major, AGAIN (5th or 6th time), only this time I feel more certain about where I’m headed. I feel more confident. I think that I’m the type of person who doesn’t like to work on something I don’t feel I’m giving 100%, or won’t follow thru with 100%, and I must have felt that unsettled teeter-totter in my gut until now. I’m still not completely positive which track I’ll follow, but I’m much closer and I think this time it will be easier to remedy with a visit to an academic adviser.

Hopefully, no promises, I’ll get back on track with my writing again… until next time I fall off…


Thanks to those who stick around and come back to check for the ends to my disappearances. I realize it’s no fun coming to a website that keeps freezing, but I hope that you find at least a little something that makes you want to come back when I become active again. :)


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