Thursday Thirteen

October 20th, 2011 by under The Busy Life. 2 Comments.

Entertaining. Stressful. Hilarious. Pull-my-hair-out-crazy. I just tinkled my pants a little. Please put me in a straight jacket so I can get a vacation. Just a few thoughts I’ve had in the last several weeks. So, today’s Thursday Thirteen (and um, the first one in AGES) is a mixture of sharing some scenarios with you and a few rants and raves… and it’s okay if you laugh. A little. Not to much, okay? It’s not nice to take joy in other people’s moments of misfortune. Haha.

  1. The scene: Lil’ C’s room (he’ll be 5 in three two more months) and I notice that the train track box in the corner is wet. C? Do you know why this is wet? He looks at the box for a minute then a look takes over his face: “Yeah. I peed.” You peed? On the box? “Yeah. I couldn’t go to the bathroom ’cause I was busy. I peed.” So you peed on your toy? You pulled down your pants and you peed on purpose? “Yeah. I was just busy playing my game.” …. All electronics were removed from his room immediately following this conversation. We’re talking t.v., Gamecube, DS, DSi, radio… EVERYTHING. The XBox was removed from the living room. He wasn’t too busy again.
  2. The scene: DH, X-man, Lil’ C, Baby M, and I decided to play outside after dinner. Baby M was in his baby swing on the swingset, I was pushing him, X-man, Lil’C, and DH were playing a combo-self-created-game of dodgeball meets soccer meets boys-will-be-boys. I was participating a little here and there by way of tossing the ball at my DH. He decided to chuck the ball at my head, but his aim was off and the ball bounced directly in front of Baby M, and again directly behind him. We’ll call that a Jedi mind trick.
  3. The scene: DH and Baby M are sitting on the couch. I enter the living room just in time to notice Baby M sitting up with his back at the edge of the couch. He’s teetering a little, so I make a dash towards the couch only to be intercepted by my husband trying to tackle me to the floor. What are you doing?! “I thought you were running at me!” I was trying to save the BABY! “Ohhhhh!” …. my gosh. I laughed excessively after this moment because that’s my initial shock reaction; awkward laughter.
  4. As any parent of more than one knows, it seems that the older kid(s) ALWAYS want to ask questions when you’re in the middle of something with the baby. Example? How about I had just realized that Baby M’s diaper was not only full of poo, but that poo had oozed onto my hand as I was checking the diaper (I had a cold, so no, I couldn’t just smell..and trust, his poo does stink), AND Baby M is in that twist, turn, try-to-escape stage of mobility during diaper changes. ESPECIALLY when he sees his brother’s. So… I’m dealing with the poopy diaper, the twisting 10 month old, the cats who always sniff around the diaper (gross), the poop on one hand, the don’t-let-the-poo-drop-on-the-carpet panic and up comes Lil’ C. “Mom. Mom. MOM!” WHAT?! “Did you make cookies?” No! I’m changing your brother’s poopy diaper right now. Can we talk when I get done?  “Oh! Yeah…. Mom?” *Shoot the look… * Whaaaaat? “Can I have something to drink.” When.I.Finish.Changing.This.Diaper. Gooooooo A-way. Please. (I apologize to kiddo and try to have the talk with him about timing and all that, but I’m pretty sure it’s flying right over his head.)
  5. Just as I’m getting Baby M to sleep in my lap for his afternoon nap, that he fought for five straight hours (NOT a good thing for his mood or mine)… enter C. “Um.. um… um. The cat is sleeping on my bed.” That’s nice… M is trying to go to sleep. Remember? I just told you two minutes ago that you needed to stay super quiet so I could get him to go to sleep so you and I can play a game together?  “Ohhhhh. Yeah.” Add five minutes to getting Baby M to sleep.

Now, some rants and raves:

  • Rant: Spam comments on my blog. I’m glad I have a filter so they don’t constantly show up on my posts but I do wish they just didn’t come through at all. Thanks to the program that catches those.
  • Rave: Fall weather including the leaves changing color, flannel pants and cozy quilt nights.
  • Rant: My inability to get on a good sleep routine. Sleep and I disagree regularly.
  • Rave: Saving lots of money thanks to sales and coupons. I love saving money.
  • Rant: The difficult moments in parenthood.
  • Rave: The beautiful moments in parenthood.
  • Rant: Internet issues when I’m trying to be productive.
  • Rave: Internet. Period. :)

What are your Rants and Raves for the day/week/month/year?




Amy Stewart  on October 20th, 2011

rant~ Friends who I miss seeing at church.
raves~ Friends who remind you that parenting is always good for a laugh.

Jen Hen  on October 20th, 2011

Touche’ Amy.

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